About Us

Carehelp is a call center for companies with advanced thinking.
The idea of Carehelp’s founders is to create a modern call center by providing complete call center solutions, including incoming calls, outgoing calls, telemarketing and back office services.

The mission of the company is to take care of and help its customers in this competitive environment. In order to declare their mission, the founders of the company chose the name Carehelp (Care; Help)
The goal is to add value to all types of businesses by helping the partners to increase their sales, by increasing customer confidence and opening up new development territory.
The headquarters are located in a strategic location - in Sofia (the capital of the country), but this type of activity allows to find the best agents from all over the country. The virtual call center is for companies with innovative thinking in business.
Carehelp's agents are highly motivated, trained, flexible to handle each assigned campaign.
Supervisors are highly educated and competent, ready to monitor the overall performance of their assigned project. They are available to meet your requirements. With their rich experience with companies from different industries, they will help you choose the right way to achieve your goal and justify your investment.
Carehelp offers you perfect team, flexibility, engagement, dedication and results
We take the responsibility to understand your business, to appreciate your achievements, to become part of them.

We work for you, with you.

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